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The city of Carthage, Mo is rich in cave history and we have some stories to share.

To Survey Cave Under City For Possible Fallout Shelter

Carthage Evening Press Monday, January 22, 1962 Dean Lupkey, Civil Defense Director for the State of Missouri, said at Jefferson City today that steps will be taken to determine the feasibility of the use of the cave under Carthage for a fallout shelter. Lupkey’s...

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Huge Cave Beneath Heart of City

Huge Cave Beneath Heart of City But Carthage Folks Are Not Much Worried, Since No Serious Sinking of the Surface Ever Has Been Reported. 1961 Carthage, MO, June 17- Few residents of Carthage realize that the heart of their city is built over a labyrinth of hollow...

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cave gang_splerlunking01

The 1872 expedition was halted at the shore of a dark and silent underground lake filled with water “sweet to the taste.” The size of the body of water could not be determined since vision was limited to the span of torchlight and “stones thrown by the strongest arm...

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Carthage Caves

Joplin Globe Carthage Caves Spelunkers share tales of underground labyrinth By: Jo Ellis First of three stories CARTHAGE, MO - Is there a labyrinth of caves under downtown Carthage? Do Carthaginians walk daily over a rushing underground river? And does a “large,...

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Carthage cave hunt hits a new obstacle

5-11-88 The search for the great Carthage cave, now more than a century old, has run into yet another delay, occasioned this time as often in the past by economic concerns. At Tuesday night’s Carthage City Council meeting, Councilman Ben Johnson (D-5th Ward) presented...

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